How to Incorporate Boho-Chic Style into Your Everyday Jewelry


    Article 1: How to Incorporate Boho-Chic Style into Your Everyday Jewelry

    When we think boho-chic style, we envision headbands with feathers, long ruffled skirts, or maxi dresses, and, we can’t forget chunky crystal jewelry. But the Bohemian style is more about being carefree, comfortable and celebrating the feminine and/or the masculine side of you. You can incorporate your boho-chic style in your everyday wardrobe for work or play with the right jewelry. Make that beautiful style statement with the following tips:


    • Take on a Boho-chic theme. If your work requires you to be in business suits or business casual, take these styles to another level with boho-chic jewelry. Take on a theme, such as leaf or feather designs for earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Feather or leaf design earrings aren’t all dangling and loud. There are leaf vintage stud earrings that look elegant and still imbibe Boho-chic style. Long necklaces with a leaf or feather design in gold or silver is another subtle bohemian look that will go well with suits or business casual looks. Pair these earrings and long necklaces together with a suit or business casual look for that subtle Bohemian style that’s all your own.
    • Choose one item, big enough to make that Boho-chic statement. A vintage charm statement or retro long leather necklace gives you the understated carefree style that’s part of the Bohemian tradition. Bohemian theme is carefree and denotes freedom from societal standards, and these designs fit that style. Large bracelets with rose and skull or flowers in metal are great Boho-chic styles that draw attention. Rose and skull design is in between the Bohemian and Punk styles. It gives the statement that underneath the business suit or business casual look is a carefree person who’s not afraid to express it. All you need when wearing this type of jewelry is confidence - the confidence to express yourself freely.
    • Incorporate Boho-chic into your casual t-shirt and jeans or t-shirt and cargo styles. Casual t-shirt and jeans or cargo pants style doesn’t have to be boring. Play with these clothes with Boho-chic jewelry such as the multi-layered chain necklace, multi-layered bracelets, or braided wristbands. Gold or silver multi-layered chain necklaces with Boho-chic inspired symbols are a great addition to any style but will truly stand out against casual tees. Wear a V-neck t-shirt one size bigger and your favorite jeans or cargo pants or shorts, strappy slip-ons and the multi-layered necklace and braided wristband. Casual wear doesn’t have to be boring and look like, “I just came out of the shower to run to the supermarket for milk,” kind of style. Great lounging and casual wear with the right accessories can make you feel confident whether you are running to the supermarket, lunching with friends or having a cold beer while people watching on a Saturday afternoon.
    • Spring is in. And summer is just around the corner. It’s time to shape up and get ready for some fun in the sun and sexy outfits for evenings with a little Bohemian vibe. Wear your strappy, bare shoulder blouses or dresses and pair them with a Boho-chic Summer Bohemian Charm bracelet for that carefree style. You don’t have to overdo Bohemian style with a lot of rings and bangles. The style is to be free from social restrictions and be yourself.   


    Boho-chic inspired jewelry is not confined to Bohemian style clothing. Being Boho-chic is to be free in expressing yourself, your style and fashion sensibilities. You don’t have to go over the top with all those feathers, crystal bracelets and pendants or dangling earrings, instead be subtle and blend with everyday work or casual clothes. Be free and be Boho-chic with everyday jewelry.


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