Everyday Jewelry Matching Your Style and Fashion Sensibilities

Fashion and style are more than knowing and following new trends. It’s having your own ideas, taking what you think looks good on you, and sticking to it. Accessorizing is an important part of your own fashion and style. Accessories add to your pizzazz and accentuate your dresses, suits, casual clothes, even t-shirts and jeans. Jewelry completes the expression of your own fashion statement, whether your style is classic, retro-boho, eclectic or modern chic. Here are some must-haves in your jewelry box for different occasions and everyday wear.


Daytime and Evening Formals

Formal events such as weddings, birthdays, funerals, and black-tie charity dinners require you to look your best. Diamond jewelry is the usual go to accessory to express elegance and class. But there are alternatives to diamonds that still show elegance and class, without breaking the bank. Pearls are a great alternative; you can wear them as stud or dangling earrings, pendants or bracelets. Pearls set in gold or silver settings still look elegant and beautiful with your little black dress, any wedding color motif for bridesmaid gowns, or any formal dress of any color. White pearls are as universal in appeal as diamonds or any semi-precious stone. So, if you are looking for an alternative way to pull off the elegant and classic style, look no further because pearls are just as “in” as diamonds.


Now if you have an eclectic style and are daring enough to veer away from the classic look, a colored, semi-precious crystal pendant will also match formal attire. Pair the semi-precious crystal pendant with stud earrings of the same stones or just plain gold or silver studs and you are good to go for your formal affair. Just make sure the color of the stones match most of your wardrobe for formal events.


Business Suits and Casual

Working 8 hours in an office requires you to be in your best suits, tailored clothes or business casual looks that express your commitment and being your best at work. To pull off that serious and dedicated to work style, always wear accessories that don’t distract you or your colleagues from your work; subtle yet still able to accentuate your clothes and express your style. Avoid too large or dangling earrings. Stud earrings and pendants are recommended. But to add a little whimsical touch to your whole look, wear earrings with floral designs such as Lotus crystal studs or Fashion Daisy pearl earrings - they are subtle and don’t get in the way or distract you or your co-workers but are still fashionable and express your style. Avoid big and distracting jewelries at all cost, they make you look too casual or whimsical. A single pendant necklace such as a long necklace with a single leaf or feather in gold or silver, or three-layered thin chain necklace are your best bets for business looks with subtle whims and style. Another great everyday jewelry forbusiness attire is a large gold chain necklace without pendant. It expresses boldness, and that go-getter/fearless personality. It is great with business or tailored suits and shirts.


Casual T-shirts and Jeans

Now here is where you can go crazy, be eclectic, chic and fun. Choose pieces that express your personality such as multi-layered gold chain necklace with different pendants, or leather chokers with variety of pendants. Go for bracelets or wristbands that are whimsical and fun such as statement bracelets for women, charming crystal leather bracelets in dual colors or one-color theme or rose and skull punk bracelets. They go with any casual outfit and imbibe that fun side of you.


Remember, jewelry should accentuate and complete your own style and the look you want to project. Look and know trending styles and incorporate them to your own fashion sensibilities. Great looks come from self-confidence and fashion sense that express your own sense of style.


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