Coordinate Your Jewelry Wardrobe

The main advantage of owning a diamond necklace or pendant, pair of diamond earrings, and diamond bracelet that matches together perfectly is the fact that you will not have to question what to wear with what. You can correspond the design of the jewelry but also the metal type. For example, if you prefer wearing yellow gold, choose these three items made in yellow gold. Alternatively, you can opt for white gold or platinum. Then you can decide if you want your pieces to be 10k, 14k or 18k. By harmonizing your jewelry collection, there will be less wondering about which jewelry items to wear with a certain outfit. One example is to acquire a set of coordinating solitaire pendant jewelry. The solitaire pendant design can be both a casual jewelry item and a stunning one when paired with a dressier outfit.

When looking around for gift ideas, consider a gift of solitaire diamond jewelry. It could represent the one love you feel for someone special. Many diamond solitaire styles have a classic appearance and the inclusion of a four prong design. The four prong design brings the focus and attention to the diamond in the center. When it comes to accessories, a diamond solitaire pendant, earring set and bracelet are simply elegant options. A bangle bracelet with a gorgeous solitaire stone can be worn during many occasions.

Once a design has been chosen, a metal preference is decided on, and then all you need to know is where to buy these items. Look for stores (online or in person) that carry a large variety of jewelry. You would not want to go to a jewelry store that specializes in one type of jewelry and not the other. It would be best to buy all three items from the same place. Chances are they were manufactured in the same location or factory. Looking around online is probably the best way to find that diamond bracelet, diamond necklace or pair of diamond earrings you have always wanted.

Besides the solitaire pendant design, the journey design is still a popular trend in jewelry. The Journey design is when the stones (diamonds) graduate in size from top to bottom. These pieces have been thought of as a journey that you go through in life, whether it is a graduation, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other special event, a journey piece can represent so many personal experiences making it a truly treasured item.

Many jewelry designers caught on to this trend a few years back and now there are an abundance of journey jewelry items on the market for you to choose from. You can still look for the diamond journey pendant, diamond journey earring set, and journey diamond bracelet. There are even journey bangles to choose from.


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