Accessorizing With Fashion Jewelry On Different Occasions

When selecting fashion jewelry to accessorize your outfit one of the most important things to consider is your occasion. Just like you choose your outfit to suit an occasion, you also need to think about jewelry in terms of casual, formal and chic wear.

For an Interview

There is only one rule to follow: Keep it small and simple You want the interviewer to focus on what you are saying and not get distracted with long dangle earrings or a huge ring on your finger.

For Office

If you are in a very formal atmosphere like a bank then less is good. In an environment where you have to express your creativity, bold is definitely beautiful. Go all out and express yourselves with unique and bold jewelry pieces.

For a Formal Party

Formal Jewelry is usually associated with classic pearls, sparkling crystals or cubic zirconium. But you can also steer away from the tradition and wear a statement piece. I like to call it the conversation piece. Remember with statement pieces, they should be unique, bold and big.

For Winter

A long rope or a layered necklace with small beads or stones works best with turtlenecks. Combine that with small studs and a simple bracelet and ring. A combination of hoop or dangle earrings with a pendent necklace and a huge ring also creates an amazing look on long sleeved Shirts or T Shirts.

For Spring/Summer

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear in the summer/ spring is the anklet. It is one piece of jewelry that looks good on most ankles yet fewer people wear them. They add daintiness to your ankles. Worn with short or long skirts, Capri or shorts, it adds a lot of appeal. Pair that anklet with dainty sandals or flip-flops.

Spring/Summer is the time to be casual. Wrist Cuffs or bracelets accentuate a tiny wrist. Earrings add a lot of face appeal. Necklaces attract the eye to your upper torso.


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